Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing

Computer-aided design (CAD) is the utilization of personal computers to help inside the creation, change, examination, or smooth of a style. Computer-aided design bundle is utilized to expand the efficiency of the planner, improve the standard of style, and improve interchanges through documentation, and to shape data for delivering. Computer-aided design yield is typically inside the kind of electronic records for print, machining and diverse creating tasks.

 CAM is a system design and manufacturing tool that analyses CAD data in order to determine its best application. After analysing the CAD data, CAM inputs it directly into production programming, such as machine routing.

Five major areas of CAM application include:

  • Production Programming
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Facilities Engineering
  • Reliability Engineering

CAM can be used to automate a factory through systems such as real-time control and robotics. Because the manufacturing processes in a CAM system is computer controlled, a high degree of precision can be achieved that is not possible with a human interface. The CAM system, for example, sets the tool path and executes precision machine operations based on the imported design.

Some CAM systems bring in additional automation by keeping track of materials and automating the ordering process, as well as some maintenance tasks such as tool replacement. Another advantage of Computer Aided Manufacturing is that machines can be quickly reprogrammed to facilitate mass customization: the process of creating small batches of products that are custom designed to suit each particular client. Specifications and drawing changes can be transmitted quickly from design to manufacturing and from one machine to another.”



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